Beam and bream

As I had hoped would happen, after the milder recipe last night I did sleep, a sleep on par with a yoga meditation nap.  The salad was superb! The original stuffing recipe needed work, kind of like my life after childbirth.   

In the eternal sleeplessness of early motherhood I re-discovered yoga. It saved me from that slippery slope into insomnia and psychosis.  At least I had one ten minute part of the day that was total peace. However, it always bothered me that in the same period of time I had spent in my first yoga group, a very loyal Ashtanga class, I progressed to the point of  teaching whereas in the Hatha class it seemed forever the same. Was it too easy? No. Was it what I needed? Yes.

A slow transformation took place, my body and mind had changed but I was fighting it all the way.  Hatha is ideal for this kind of transformation, it is slow, deliberate, constant, grounding, kind of like weeding.  It brought me a virtue I never possessed before, patience. 

So back to Hatha I would go but always feeling a bit like I was cheating. Its glacial pace continued.  Recently, I tried Vinyasa, a ninety minute  continual flow of the sun salutation asana. In its repetition you work up quite a sweat!  My private practice in yoga is back!  So from Hatha I learned there are races in life but life is not one of them and in its repetition you cycle back into discovery.  After a good breaming, beam and bream. 

Day Five - Recipe Five 

Jamie Oliver's fifteen minute Moroccan Bream (You Tube video)